The Content Community Commerce Flywheel and how it's set to affect all marketing
Not a predictions post. Not really, anyway.

December 2022

Cue some holiday tunes… I want to take a look at the state of Web3 Christmas commerce and see what it portends for next year.
What happens to trends and street style in a world of a thousand metaverses?

November 2022

Lightly inspired by SBF but not in the way you think....
One little Instagram reel and suddenly I'm hopeful for their return
Ha, ok, that’s a serious exaggeration/outright lie.
Ok, maybe just a handful of us.

October 2022

In the words of Gene Wilder "Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination"
Kickstarter meets high fashion meets measuring consumer demand
What can I say, I’m coming around to the headset

September 2022

Ok, I’m not actually giving out grades, but let’s put a critical lens on our assessment of their Web3 marketing efforts.